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Keeping your business successful

Owning a successful business requires more than hard work and skill in your area of expertise.  Your business must set up books, file tax returns, meet tax deadlines.   The most important information you must have about your business is how you are doing financially.


The owners of most businesses that fail don’t really know if they are making money or not.  Our firm can provide you with a monthly income statement that clearly tells you if you are making or losing money. 


We have been providing services to our clients for the past 21 years.  We will be there when things are going well and to guide you through the rough times as well.


The Internal Revenue Service requires your records be kept in a certain way.  Tax reports must be filed with the Internal Revenue Service, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and the Texas Workforce Commission.  Our firm can take care of all the required reporting so that you are able to concentrate on your business.


The newest tax that may affect your business is the Texas Margin Tax.  Our firm has spent extensive amounts of time researching and understanding this new tax so that we can offer our clients many money saving solutions to its high cost.  Many accountants are not up to date on this tax because they thought it would not be put into affect.  It has been and it is here to stay.  The old franchise tax might have cost you a$1000.00 per year.  The new margin tax can be 10 to 20 times this amount and this can happen even if you lost money at the end of the year. 


The decisions you make about your company and its finances can change the chance of your success for years to come.

We are here to offer you the help you need. 


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